Ship Happens!

Posted on Aug 17, 2017 10:07:34 AM by Jeremy Davidson

Ship happensDeath, taxes, and change. It’s inevitable! We prepare for death and taxes with our savings but we tend to be unprepared for change.

From the 90’s onwards we have seen more change and advancement than in the entire lifetimes of our ancestors. Those businesses which decided to stick to their ‘times’ are now irrelevant and numerous competitors have come to replace many industry leaders. Most likely you have a few favourite brands that have disappeared completely because they thought they had the upper hand?

Any business student has read through umpteen case studies of the annihilation of well established businesses. Those who grew substantially had thought ahead and have planned for the future by adapting to constantly changing technology. Whether being an innovator or tagging along with the coat-tails of others, only those who change their processes have and will continue to be successful.

That being said, we all have access to comparison pricing instantly for much of what they do including for:

  • Trips/Plane tickets
  • Insurance
  • Price matching (retail and grocery)

The way of the future is to find the cheapest rates from a variety of companies by search of key words or the answering of qualifying questions. Many of these websites piggy-back with their volume discounts passing it on to their customer base. What most small and medium businesses are not yet aware of is ‘comparison shipping’ is truly the way of the future for your logistics process.

Everyone has heard “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”, however it becomes lip-service and most will pump all their volume through one carrier (Courier or LTL freight [pallets]). That means all your volume and money must continue to go to a single carrier in order to receive a discount – but each carrier has their specialty and cannot possibly be good in all lanes. With no commitments to each carrier, 100+ companies to choose from, and free access to ALL of our carriers why be left behind?

Sometimes it can be hours of your day comparing quotes which can now be done through eShipper in less than 15 seconds. Enter postal codes, dimensions, weight a immediate comparison with all carriers.

To learn more about how we can help your logistics process in such a time of change, you can reach me at or 905-671-1771 ext. 180. Alternatively, you can go directly to eShipper and sign up with promo code 7860 to lock in your rates and assign myself as your account manager and FREE logistics consultant. Our only goal is to simplify your process in order to save you loads of money and time! Free account, saving money from your bottom line, and time back to your day? At least ask me about it and we will find a solution for you!New Call-to-action

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